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Individual health ergonomics coaching
Guide and correct healthier and ergonomic postures

The innovative method created by EACT, ERGO + ACTIVA is performed at the workplace through specific postural   guidelines/corrections to each employee while performing the task guaranteeing time optimization.

The goal is to facilitate a change to a healthier and more ergonomic behavior.

In loco Phisiotherapy

Health and Physical Therapy Coaching
Healthier and preventive postures re-education and orientation.

The innovative method created by EACT, ERGO + ACTIVA is performed at the workplace through postures reeducation and prophylactic guidelines observing and guaranteeing time optimization for each employee.

The goal is to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and their progression.


Occupational Physical Exercise

Raise awareness and reduce musculoskeletal risks.

Physical exercises adapted to each work reality.

The goal is to raise awareness among employees and reduce musculoskeletal risks.

EACT's Workshop

Prompt and Galvanize Health and Ergonomics at workplace.

A dynamic, motivational and interactive action with the employees.

The goal is to foster the change of mindset for healthier behaviors and ergonomic. This intervention can be performed in an auditorium or in the workplace.

MacroErgonomics Assessment

MacroErgonimics assessment and appraisal.

In addition to the technical component of the Ergonomic Evaluation, a Participatory Analysis is also performed in collaboration with the employees.

The goal is to provide more effective results, adapted to the reality of each organization.

Health Screening

Assess and appraisal of health indicators.

Assessment through interviews, questionnaires, anthropometric measurements and others. The screening is carried out according to the needs of each company in order to define a diagnosis of the health of employees.

The goal is to present and compare the construction of health indicators in the company.

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